Sunday, 14 November 2010

Durrat Bahrain calls on The Mobile Spa.

Durrat Bahrain, the Kingdom's stunning residence of luxury villas, recently called on The Mobile Spa to provide a number of beauty services to its residents.

On Friday 12 November, The Mobile Spa, alongside Durrat Bahrain's management, transformed one of the complex's vacant villas into a beautiful spa for a day of restful pampering.

As part of Durrat Bahrain's weekend activities, organised to provide a variety of leisure programs within the luxury complex, The Mobile Spa were chosen to set up and provide a number of beauty treatments, which were situated both indoors and outdoors!

Will a fully booked diary throughout the special day, clients had the opportunity to experience neck and back massages by the pool, hand & foot paraffin treatments by the villa's terrace, soothing body massages in the bedroom and manicures & pedicures by the living room - turned relaxation lounge's - TV.

Dimmed lighting, scented candles and relaxing spa music graced the villa's every room; indeed, Durrat Bahrain thoroughly enjoyed the pampering loveliness of a spa next door. 

In keeping with The Mobile Spa's first class dedication to detail and hygiene, added perks included the gorgeously prepared name tagged beauty boxes, packed with individual robes, undergarments and slippers.

A selection of flavoured herbal teas as clients relax.

The terrace (also the location for specially organised Thai Chi classes!).

The Mobile Spa, at Durrat Bahrain, by night.

Massages, in the bedroom :-)

All in all, a wonderfully pampering day, had by all. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Nail Polish 101.

It's unknown how many women in the world regularly apply nail varnish, but we'd say it's a pretty safe bet to predict that more than half of us ladies across the globe enjoy a coloured set of nails once in a while!

With that, here's some quick facts on the iconic hand paint so many of us cherish:

1. Coloured nail polishes were launched in the 1920s by cosmetics powerhouse, Revlon. 

2. Nail polish is made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent, to which various pigments are added. Some of the other ingredients include methacrylate and vinyl polymers, formaldehyde, camphor, acetone, ketone, toluene and other suspending agents.

3. Believe it or not, the chemical composition of nail polishes is close to that of car paints, which constantly raises questions on safety and the environment. Nevertheless, these issues don't appear to have affected what is a global market of nail painting lovers.

Right. Now that you have some background, here's some useful tips on making sure your manicure experience is up to par. At The Mobile Spa, we maintain the finest in beauty services, hygiene and care, and we'd like to help you do the same!
  • To preserve nail polish for longer periods of time, keep it in the fridge. Also, avoid leaving the bottle loosely open. This not only results in dried up lumpy liquid, but it can also unnecessarily expose you to the strong fumes. In any case, always go for good quality nail polish. This genuinely makes a difference, both in chemical content and number of coats required. The Mobile Spa chooses essie for all its manicure/pedicure delights. Safer, better, with lots of colour variety!

  • Should the strong smell of nail polish make you a little dizzy, go outside and apply it there. Better still, book an appointment with The Mobile Spa, and you can have your nails pampered outside of the stuffy salon atmosphere, and absolutely wherever you like!

  • The best method in nail polish application is the following: base coat, followed by two layers of nail polish and finally, a top coat. Each layer should be thin and applied in three strokes. A top coat can be applied daily (if the layers under it are intact, of course) and this way you can prolong the life of your perfectly painted nails.

  • If you want to minimize chipping, “wrap” the polish i.e. paint a little across the edge and under the nail tip.

    And remember, this season, dark is the new light!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Our cutest ''Client Overheard'' to date.

Recently, The Mobile Spa introduced ''Client Overheards'': statements of thanks shared by our clients, which we decided to share with you.

Our facebook page (please ''like'' if you are yet to do so) and twitter, regularly provides status updates revealing our most cherished messages of gratitude.

Below, a note from one of The Mobile Spa's popular children's sparties, is definitely our cutest ''Client Overheard'' to date...

Please visit The Mobile Spa on facebook and follow us on twitter, for more ''Client overheards'', news and special offers.  

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thinking Pink

Think Pink Bahrain has a simple objective: increasing awareness and educating the public on the importance of early detection and saving more lives. Education, as we all know, is the first line of breast cancer prevention.

This year, the Think Pink campaign began on 1 October 2010 and continues to run until the end of the month. The campaign aligns with 'World Wide Breast Cancer Awareness Month' and its message to the masses is 'i check'.

Why i check? 
Well, realistically, women can often shy away from the idea of breast cancer. Even if they are aware of it, they can often be nervous, or scared, to take any positive steps in prevention of the disease.

The 'i check' movement encourages women to stand side by side and raise their hands in acknowledgement of breast cancer, boldly stating that ''i check''. The campaign more than anything highlights solidarity, strength and unity amongst women, as well as creating a better understanding.

You can find out more about Think Pink 2010 by logging onto

How is The Mobile Spa ''thinking pink''? 
The Mobile Spa was founded by two entrepreneurial Bahraini women, Deena Al Ansari and Souha Sawan. Breast cancer awareness then becomes an issue of immediate importance and The Mobile Spa has dedicated its services to an upcoming fund raiser, taking place on Thursday 28th October at Tilly's Cafe.

The Mobile Spa will also be giving away prizes at the Think Pink Gala Dinner on Friday 29th October.

We encourage you all to come along! Click here for more details on Thursday's event and always remember to ''think pink''!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Think Pink 2010

On Thursday 28th October 2010, The Mobile Spa will play its part in raising awareness on breast cancer  by donating its services to the ''Think Pink Charity Morning'' at Tilly's Cafe (Jawad Dome). 

From 8am to 2pm, the special event will have lots of beauty activity taking place, including massages, colour working and clothing consultations. A breast cancer awareness expert will also be in attendance, providing advice and guidance on the importance of regular check-ups. 

The Mobile Spa will additionally participate at the Think Pink Gala Dinner on Friday 29th October 2010. More news on that, soon. 

Play your part, stay safe and enjoy the best in beauty treatments while you're at it...See you at Tilly's!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Our First ''Thank you Giveaway'' Winner!

Much congrats goes to The Mobile Spa's first ''Thank you Giveaway'' winner, May Mohammed. We asked those interested in participating to answer the following question:

Over the summer, The Mobile Spa participated in a series of beauty seminars in association with which bank?

The answer was: Citibank 

May will now enjoy our signature treatment, the Lava Shell Massage, in the comfort of her own home (or, wherever she'd like) absolutely free!
Pay close attention to the blog and facebook for more news on future ''Thank you'' Giveaways. 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Mobile Spa, at bougi V

On Thursday 7 October 2010, The Mobile Spa participated in bougi's fifth instalment of special events in Bahrain.

bougi has established itself as the Kingdom's leading lifestyle brand, dedicated to providing unique experiences in sophisticated entertainment both online (facebooktwitterASW and more) as well as through a series of social gatherings. The brand's seasonal events have taken place predominantly in Bahrain, with offshoots in London and eventually, across the GCC.

Founded by PR & Events management specialist, Rozan Ahmed, bougi's latest affair, the 'Autumn Soiree', took place in Bahrain's brand new restaurant/lounge, block 338.

Invites guests were treated to soothing neck & head massages by The Mobile Spa - a wonderful way to start the festivities.

For more on bougi's Autumn Soiree click here
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